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Vision & Mission

Our major vision is to get equality in society through all sector and to eradicate the poverty, corruption etc...

Our major mission is to make our India shine through our knowledge, technology , 100% literacy etc...


Many MNGOs Exist Which do not have funds or do not want funds or want to work with more than their available resources, this is possible through Volunteers and support persons. NGOss india has been providing a network of Volunteers and the recognised NGOs who wish to work with Volunteers for social cause.NGOs India has been supporting the recognised NGOs who are transperently working for social changes in the society and the Volunteers associated and working with such good NGOs feel satisfaction to contribute their time and resources in various sectors of society


#1/1 Radhakrishna Complex 2ndFloor
204 DR. Rajkumar Road 6th Block,
Rajajinagar- Bangalore-560010
Hours: 9AM - 6PM
Mobile No: + 91 9008245730